Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DC Done Right

I just got back from the DC Shorts Film Fest and had an amazing time. It was the perfect mix of everything: packed houses (yep, we screened on three screens simultaneously in front of a sold out crowd), great parties, free food, free transportation, free housing. Oh my!

A big props goes to Jonathan Gann, festival creator/organizer. This festival was so well organized. Every detail was thought out. Truly amazing.

But my favorite part of this festival (and really all festivals) is seeing what other filmmakers have done. Four films stood out for me during this festival.
  1. Bloom - watch for this one at the Oscars. Holy crap. I loved everything about it.
  2. The Aviatrix - we've screened with this gem before and I still love it.
  3. Path - a cute romantic comedy that gets the balance right.
  4. Zombie Jesus! - who would have thought that this one would be that good? But it was.
Although the festival is over for me, it's still playing until September 19th and we screen once more (Showcase 1) on Wednesday, Sept 17th @ 9:30pm.

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